Uveal Melanomas

Melanocytic neoplasia of the uveal tract encompasses a spectrum extending from relatively benign melanocytoma to malignant melanoma (*see also feline iris melanosis). Melanocytomas typically affect the anterior uveal tissues and only rarely extend beyond the globe or metastasize to other tissues. Malignant melanomas occur less frequently and may be more likely to metastasize or extend beyond the tissues of the globe. Less commonly, these tumors may arise from choroidal tissue. Clinically, uveal melanocytic tumors present as focal or multifocal areas of progressive iridal thickening and increased pigmentation. Rarely, amelanotic melanocytomas/melanomas may appear tan to pink in color. Secondary changes may include pupilary dyscoria, hyphema, retinal detachment, keratitis and/or secondary glaucoma. Both feline & canine eyes may be affected by melanocytoma/melanoma. Commonly affected canine breeds include the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever.